Dear Parents,

Every child is individual.

We aim to provide your child the freedom to express themselves and capture those moments for you and your family to enjoy and share for years to come.

  1. No more forced "cheese" smiles
  2. No more conveyor belt single poses and onto the next child
  3. No more poor quality photos

What you get instead is:

  1. Relaxed, playful expressions where parents say "Wow! you have captured him exactly."
  2. More choice. Parents often say "Help. Your photos are brilliant and there are so many to choose from that we cant decide." Nursery staff and managers love looking through the photos with you and helping you decide.
  3. Quality photography. Try us just once and you will realise the difference high quality portraiture makes.

Kind words from parents:

  1. "Robert really did enjoy the photo shoot and asked when he was doing it again, so you obviously have a great way with the kids and that does shine through in the images we saw."
  2. "I love the pictures. They captured my sons personality perfectly."
  3. "Unbelievably, he managed to capture my sons first steps which I will treasure forever."
  4. "...they are fab and the grandparents have them proudly displayed."

Dear Managers,

Why should you consider using Kats Photography?

  1. Child safety
  2. Enhanced Disclosure Scotland/PVG certified staff
  3. Quality
  4. Reliability
  5. Professionally managed service
  6. Parent satisfaction
  7. Web ordering and direct parent interaction minimises nursery workload.

Child safety is our primary consideration. Photography always comes second.

  1. Risk assessments conducted and procedures put in place to minimise any risk of accident.
  2. Photographic studio equipment purchased specifically for child safety considerations
  3. Regular electrical safety checks.
  4. Photographers who understand childcare and who will not risk a child's safety because they think it would look 'cool' to have them  jump off something high.
  5. Photographers with experience working with newborns who understand which poses are safe and which are not.

Kind words from managers:

  1. "I've had parents in tears, thanking me when they see how good the photos are."
  2. "The photographer puts staff at ease and made it fun."
  3. "The paperwork was easy, simple to follow and didn't take up too much time."
  4. "The communication was really good. He kept in touch with any changes in orders which was really helpful."
  5. "He made it easy for the nursery to contact him. Nothing was too much hassle."
  6. "The sales figures speak for themselves. They are double our last photographers."
  7. "The parents were absolutely gushing about their photos."
  8. "Had really good feedback about photos so we will defo book for next year"

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